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Golden Sheen Sapphires

What are Golden Sheen Sapphires?

From one mine only, now depleted, these gems display an uncanny beautiful golden sheen. Rare and unheated - there is only one small source, making this jewel extremely valuable.

GOLD SHEEN SAPPHIRES are a newly discovered magnificent expression of sapphires never before seen in the history of gemmology. These natural untreated sapphires differ radically from conventional sapphires in that they display an adularescent gold sheen previously unknown in sapphires. (Jonathan D. Wilson)

GOLD SHEEN SAPPHIRES were discovered on the border of Kenya, near to Somalia only six years ago. Using the highest skilled workers, the rough stone is cut into fine gemstones of the highest quality. The mine has subsequently been depleted of all good quality sapphire and the entire contents are presently located in Bangkok.

The world-renowned sapphire expert Richard Hughes of Lotus certified: “The rare shimmering appearance of this sapphire earns it the Lotus ‘Golden Sheen’ distinction.”


Metallic fire

Many of the sapphires have interesting vein lines rather like a woodgrain. They are not cracks because they are below the surface. The natural inclusions are a desired effect! In fact, it means that each sapphire has a character of its own.
Hematite, rutile and magnetite provide the golden, silver or bronze iridescence or adularescence. Goldsheen changes and reflects light as it is moved in the same way as opal, moonshine, agates and rose quartz.

The example to the left is 29,95 carats – 20mm x 15mm.

Some have been cut into cabochons achieving a gold star when light catches it in a certain way. Others have been cut into traditional pear or rectangle shapes. A variety of sizes and styles in calibrated sets are available. Large sizes of Goldsheen sapphires are possible, however, the price of these are higher because a lot of rough stone has to be wasted.
With close to 99 percent of all Corundum (Ruby and Sapphire) enhanced or treated, Goldsheen Sapphire’s most important attribute, aside from its unique beauty, is the fact that it is a totally natural gemstone not treated or enhanced in anyway. It is only cut and polished expertly, as you can see here with these small pieces – 6mm round and 11x9mm square.


This sapphire has passed Full laboratory certification and validations from AIGS, GIT, GRS, Lotus, GJIT, Tokio gem labs.
It has featured on Gem adventurer TV, QVC and TVSN and won an award at the Tuscon trade event. Presently, we have regular large orders from USA and China. Read the Journal of Gemmology and its analysis to fully appreciate the wonder of this jewel.


There are several types: Goldsheen Sapphire, Translucent Goldsheen, Bluesheen and Goldrush Goldsheen. All have a Mohs’ hardness of 9. They are durable and suitable for everyday wear.

1. Goldsheen Sapphire -

The majority of the mine content is Goldsheen and this means we can make calibrated sets suitable for manufacture on a large scale.

2. Translucent Goldsheen -

Translucent Goldsheen is very rare. If Goldsheen is uncommon - then Translucent Goldsheenis very rare! There is a kind of shell-like golden sheen—like an inner light with multiple coloured reflections. It is only possible to make special one-off pieces. These pieces are high value, totally unique and suitable for VIP bespoke jewellery. You really need to see the videos of these stones to appreciate how they interact with the light.

3. Goldrush Goldsheen –

This one is even rarer than Translucent! Goldrush has a profusion of golden shimmer which is unlike any other gemstone in the world.

This is a desirable sapphire like no other! At present, there are only ten single pieces in the world, including the sapphire to the left.

4. Bluesheen Sapphire

Some of the gemstones exhibit dark blue stripes and hexagonal figures in them. These blue stripes are very attractive and interesting, resulting from the inclusion of magnetite. They still have the gold-sheen but with elements of blue.

Goldsheen sapphire was discovered by Tanzim Khan. After mining began, Tanzim bought the rough stone from Africa and brought it to Thailand where it could be cut and polished professionally. He was attracted to Goldsheen Sapphire’s beautiful shimmering effect, its natural provenance, and ability to retain beauty in a variety of light sources.