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GoldSheen Gems Limited

Goldsheen Sapphires

calibrated sets.

A unique gem - the only supply in the world and a new discovery.

Fine quality lapidary, factory.

Ask about prices!

+44 1442 78 0719
Remember there is only ONE MINE and we have all the rough stone from it. It is not possible to buy from any other source!
If you buy from us, it is coming directly from the factory. You cannot buy at a lower price.

1. Round—many sizes and face

7mm = 1.5 carats

2. Square/rectangle — sharp, reflects gold very well.

11 x 9mm = 4.7 carats

3. Oval—many sizes and cuts

11x9mm = 4.2carats approx

4. Round—many sizes and face cuts

7mm = 2.3 carats approx

5. Square—soft corners

6mm is

1c each

Many sizes

6. Cushion—rectangle, soft corners.

15x12mm is


Other sizes

7. Cushion—square, soft corners. Smaller sizes are cheaper.

8x8mm = 3.2 carats

8x8mm = 3.2 carats

8. Oval —honeycomb cut.



9. Pear—many sizes. Smaller sizes are less expensive.



10. Cabochons—many sizes. High polish.